I've been training with a modified Starting Strength program for almost 4 weeks now.

Current Configuration

Train every other day (train; rest; train; etc)

  • Bench Press - 50kg - 6x3
  • Squats - 50kg - 6x3
  • Deadlifts - 60kg - 6x3
  • Shoulder Press - 30kg - 6x3
  • Lat Pulldown - 42kg - 6x3

Bench Press

50kg felt heavy but stable when pushing with my legs (aka Leg Drive) and with a not-too-pronounced back arch. Last set felt strong.

Stay with current weights, increase reps from 6 to 7 or 8.


Wide stance feels most stable. Notice the push of the legs during positives. High-bar position feels weird now with heavier weights.

Stay with current weights. Try low-bar position.


Form feels OK but I don't feel powerful and stable during positives. I should be able to carry more weight if form is spot on.

Videotape and study form. Stay with current weights.

Shoulder Press

Wrist starting to over-extend during lifts. Been losing breath after sets.

Focus on correct grip (should be properly stacked with arms) and breathing. Stay with current weights, increase reps to 7.

Lat Pulldown

Better lat burn this time. Form is really good but breaks on last set.

Stay with current weights and increase reps to 7.